I’ve Been Obsessed With: Weird 80s One-Hit Wonders

“Geez, N., running out of ideas already?” I imagine you saying, looking at the oddly specific topic, but I have odd music kicks that no one understands but myself. This recent obsession came from a freshly uploaded One-Hit Wonderland episode from Todd in the Shadows, where he talks about a little ditty called Mexican Radio by ‘Wall of Voodoo’.

Mexican Radio is an odd little number, especially considering the time period, where country hadn’t seeped into the new-wave scene, but somehow, we got this glorious little piece of incongruent beauty, a 1980s New-Wave/Country Group. How could you go wrong? The lead singer had a voice inflection like ‘They Might Be Giants’, but with even less restraint, a drummer that rarely played the actual drums, and synth-harmonica, a beautiful mix for a song that I just had to teach myself on my ukulele.

There’s also the all time classic, Turning Japanese a song about masturbation. I don’t know how that connects with turning japanese, but damn if it isn’t catchy. This song is something that needs to be remembered for years to come as an odd piece of musical history that we can learn from, grow from, and love. 

There’s Come On, Eileen, an all time classic, remembered to this day about learning to break free from shackles, grow up, and be happy; The Safety Dance, a song about the world’s safest (and most boring) dance, written to combat the negativity put toward mosh pits when they were first created; Even ‘A Flock Of Seagulls’s I Ran, a song about aliens, where the most alien thing is the lead singer’s hairstyle, I’ve found a love for the weird decade of one-hit wonders that the 80s was, what with the birth of the music video, and such. 

So, that’s what I’ve Been Obsessed With this week, tell me what you think about it, and please, suggest some music you’d think I’d enjoy in the comments, I’d love to hear from you. Thank you for reading this week.


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