I’ve Been Obsessed With: Ska

The sounds of those trumpets, the frat boy attitudes, the casual take at serious subjects, I love ska. Recently, I’ve been ever so completely obsessed with this genre. One part blues, two parts reggae and rock, a beautiful recipe to make delicious songs. Take the Big Bad Bosstones’ The Impression That I Get, a song all about being fearful of doing anything because things might go wrong, never having to knock on wood, that fear making the life worse than if bad luck had consumed them, never having been tested, but if he was, he’d like to think he would pass, but, he doesn’t know, he’s never had to knock on wood.

Or, another one, look at Reel Big Fish, and their songs like One Hit Wonderful a song about the frivolity of being a one hit wonder, like these guys were, how no one really cared about them, only that one song that happened to be popular, ironically, a song about the frivolity and falseness of being a celebrity with a big record deal. Another one I’ve quite enjoyed is She Has a Girlfriend Now, a self deprecating, humourous look at something that’s happened to a good deal of guys, being a beard, dating a lesbian. It’s quite possibly the closest to home of any of these songs, but I digress.

There’s something about this music that brings a smile to my face, and makes me think, it’s lighthearted drama, a painful reality tied up in a candy coloured packaging. It’s upbeat, optimistic, and yet sad, thought provoking, and cynical. Ska truly is a wonderful genre.


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